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The In A
Pigs Ear Story

Our Story


We are a small Real Cider company based in

Warwickshire. A life-long (…just about…) pursuit

of Cider brought me to a point where I wanted to

create my own Cider and with the assistance of

both Warwickshire & Herefordshire apples we

have created a mouth watering, yet diverse, set

of Ciders which will fit just about anyone’s taste

and palate.

We have kept our list of Ciders to a reasonably

small number. This is to ensure the best quality,

taste and variety rather than be a Jack of all

trades! We will, however, listen to our customers

and if they wish to taste anything slightly

different we will do all we can to create yet another fabulous tipple.

We have started touring the country attending shows, fairs & festivals selling and talking about our Ciders which is something we really enjoy doing so
please do take regular note of our “Upcoming Events and News” area which will fill up as we go along.

If you have any questions please do contact us anytime and note that we will
soon be on Facebook and Twitter.

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